*Last updated 12/23/15*

Be recognized for generations!

All donors who pledge $5,000 (including multi-year gifts) or more to M&T between July 1, 2012 and December 31, 2014 will be listed in a wall of recognition in the new M&T building on Locust Walk for every future visitor, student, and faculty member to see!

Below is a list of all M&T alumni who earned a spot on the wall and have given permission to list their name as of December 11, 2015.

Susan M. Abkowitz (M&T ’82)
Achal (M&T ’95) and Shivani Agarwal
Doug Alexander (M&T ’83)
Padoongkiat (David) Apichaidejudom (M&T ’93)
Timothy Babich (M&T ’99)
Mark Bartholome (M&T ’01)
Danica J. Bassman (M&T ’14), Harley S. Bassman, and Dr. Lori L. Bassman
Joe Boswell (M&T ’99)
Katherine Wu Brady (M&T ’01)
Michael A. Bressler (M&T ’99)
Scott Calidas (M&T ’00) and Jessie Beller
Stephen M. Campe (M&T ’87) and Karen Droga Campe (GED ’94)
Scott Campion (M&T ’05)
Brian F. Carroll (M&T ’93)
Leo Chun Chan (M&T ’97)
Leo Chang (M&T ’06) and Lily Pan (C’06)
Herald Y. Chen (M&T ’93)
Wang Chen (M&T ’95)
Jeffrey T.H. Cheung (M&T ’87)
Timothy Z. Chiu (M&T ’89)
Ernest (M&T ’98) and Stephanie Chu (M&T ’98)
Henry J. Chyung (M&T ’92)
Anthony M. Corriggio (M&T ’90)
Deborah Crane (M&T ’88) and Ken Strong
Christopher Leigh Crawford (M&T ’91)
James T. Daley (M&T ’81)
Hubert De Jesus (M&T ’93)
Steven Delbianco (M&T ’81)
Matthew Dilmaghani (M&T ’03)
Alexander (M&T ’92) and Heather Doll
Andrew Domont (M&T ’03)
Dr. Katherine L. Dykes (M&T ’04)
Drs. Gary (M&T ’95) and Ken (M&T ’99) Eichenbaum
Charlene (M&T ’05) and Matthew Ehmer (M&T ’05)
Stuart Carleton Eichert (M&T ’99)
Carmine D. Fanelle (M&T ’92) and Erika Vernon Fanelle (M&T ’92)
Paul A. Fegley (M&T ’84)
Jacob Feinstein (M&T ’93) and Allison Feinstein
Richard D. Forman (M&T ’87)
Randall M. Foster (M&T ’91)
Eric G. (M&T ’07, GEN ’07) and Erin L. Friedman (C ’07)
Stephen (M&T ’86) and Laura Fromm
Kimberly Gallant Werner (M&T ’08)
Arif (M&T ’92) and Safura Gangat
Ken (M&T ’82) and Sandy Glass
Maneesha Phadke Ghiya (M&T ’00) and Vishal Ghiya (W ’99)
Edward A. Glickman (M&T ’78)
Daniel Goodman (M&T ’99)
Daniel Googel (M&T ’96)
Richard A. Goozh (M&T ’87)
Santosh Govindaraju (M&T ’97)
Michael and Janelle Grimes
Todd J. Gross (M&T ’88) and Family
Allan (M&T ’01) and Ashley Gubbins
Marilyn V. Hirsch (M&T ’89)
Su Hokiarto (M&T ’93)
Todd C. Howell (M&T ’94)
Lee Hower (M&T ’00)
Alan Hsieh (M&T ’08)
Benjamin J. Hsu (M&T ’09)
Han Hu (M&T ’08)
Richard Spence Illson (M&T ’82)
Ronen Israel (M&T ’95) and Mindy Nagorsky-Israel
Sarah Jiang (M&T ’08)
Michael Jordan (M&T ’80) and Bat Sheva Halbert Family Foundation
Ripan S. Kadakia (M&T ’03) and Family
Jeffrey Keswin (M&T ’90)
Ashish Khanna (M&T ’97)
Gary Kiang (M&T ’98) and Lily Ng (W ’01)
John (M&T ’00) and Elaine Kim
Darren (M&T ’92), Jessica, and Anderson Kirby
Dr. Jack Marek Klem (M&T ’97)
Joshua B. Kohn (M&T ’00, MSE ’01)
Andrew J. Kuzneski, III (M&T ’89)
Harry Langenberg (M&T ’00)
Tolga M. Latif (M&T ’96)
Matthew H. Lattman (M&T ’04)
Aviva and Gary Lazarus (M&T ’82)
Emmelene H. Lee (M&T ’03)
Lawrence Lee (M&T ’91) and Irene Wong
Steven (M&T ’91) and Stephanie Lee (C ’91 W ’91)
Teresa Lee (M&T ’01)
Young-Sup Lee (M&T ’86)
Adam (M&T ’02) and Kim Leitzes (W’04)
Meryl and Joey Levin (M&T ’01)
Charles Chao Li Lim (M&T ’89)
Terence M. Lim (M&T ’88)
Max (M&T ’03) and Kirsten Lin
Tian Ching Long (M&T ’95)
Peter Maa (M&T ’12)
Lloyd Mandell (M&T ’91)
Daniel M. McCarthy (M&T ’06)
Ravee Mehta (M&T ’97)
Kerry & Mike Miller
Ofer Nemirovsky (M&T ’79)
Richard (M&T ’86) and Lauren Nijkerk (CAS ’84)
Conor W. O’Callaghan (M&T ’05)
Yao Hua Ooi (M&T ’04)
Thomas Opdyke (M&T ’91)
Vincent Gregory Ostrosky (M&T ’83, MBA with distinction ’91)
Jordan Parker (M&T ’13)
Amit (M&T ’97) and Ankita Patel Charitable Fund
Rishi Kishore Patel (M&T ’98)
Samir Kantilal Patel (M&T ’97)
Ann Perry (M&T ’87)
Jake Peters (M&T ’01)
Steven (M&T ’86) and Kirsten Polsky
Bob Pringle (M&T ’83)
Shannon and Juan Pujadas (M&T ’83)
Larry Robbins (M&T ’92)
Allie P. Rogers (M&T ’87)
Youlia Rowland (M&T ’98)
Ananda (M&T ’97) and Sri Sanwal
Chris Scarborough (M&T ’98)
Amol Shah (M&T ’96) and Ojas Shah (M&T ’96)
Ashesh K. Shah (M&T ’91)
Ashish Y. Shah (M&T ’98)
Rajeev (M&T ’97) and Anupama Shah (C ’96)
Aamer Shahab (M&T ’88)
Ionso Sheinberg (M&T ’14)
Lizette and Dan Sheinberg
Joseph A. Shrawder (M&T ’86)
Robert E. Sheker (M&T ’91)
Michael Siegmund (M&T ’82)
Nicholas J. Singer (M&T ’00)
Christian B. Sowul (M&T ’96)
Jay S. Spivak (M&T ’89)
Janice M. Stanton
Robert M. Stavis (M&T ’84)
Robert Sztybel (M&T ’84)
Aditya Talwar (M&T ’03)
Canh Trinh (M&T ’07)
Amy Torri (M&T ’99)
Danh Trang (M&T ’09)
Bao Truong (M&T ’96)
Scott Utzinger (M&T ’93)
Timothy D. Valuk (M&T ’94)
The Vandermeer Family (M&T ’82)
Kyle Wang (M&T ’09)
Louis M. Wang (M&T ’09)
Warren L. Wang (M&T ’00)
Rob Weber (M&T ’82)
William Weddleton (M&T ’80)
Andrew Wellington (M&T ’90)
Jeffrey Wu (M&T ’99)
Roger Wu (M&T ’00)
Jason (M&T ’04) and Eileen Young (M&T ’04)
Nelson Yu (M&T ’93) and Lynelle A. Tedesco (W ’93)
Ted Yun (M&T ’89)
Susan Zaney-Rubenfield (M&T ’81, WG ’87)
John Zerbe (M&T ’84) and Theresa McLaughlin-Zerbe
D.B. Zwirn Foundation (M&T ’93)

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