Thanks to the support of Doug Alexander (M&T ’83), Roland Van der Meer (M&T ’82), and Ken Glass (M&T ’82), we are excited to announce three new M&T 35th giving programs. View 35th fundraising results here! Check out progress of the class challenge here!

150 First Time M&T Donor $300,000 Challenge!

Doug, Roland, and Ken have agreed to donate an additional $300,000 to the M&T Program if 150 first-time ever donors to the M&T Program make donations between September 3rd, 2014 and December 31, 2014.

Class Competition – Permanent Recognition

All M&T graduating classes* with 20+ donors to the 35th will be recognized in the soon to be remodeled building! You can help make sure your class is included!
*Graduating classes 1985 and earlier will get recognition if 40% of alumni from those classes contribute, due to their smaller class sizes.

Individual Recognition on the Wall of Support!

All individual donors giving $5000 (including multi-year gifts) or more to M&T by December 31, 2014 will have the opportunity to have their name enshrined in a donor recognition wall in the new M&T Building!

How to Give

You can make a gift to the M&T Gift Fund or honor Dr. H’s legacy with a gift to the William F. Hamilton Director’s Initiatives Fund. Ask if your company has a matching gift program to double or triple the size of your gift.

Some Background

The M&T Program gets virtually NO FUNDING from either Wharton or SEAS to run its operations and support its students. That means 100% of the M&T budget is from donors like Doug, Roland, and Ken (as well as Jerome Fisher, Larry Robbins, and other M&T alumni) who make direct donations to the M&T Program.


If you are interested in specific naming or gift opportunities, such as endowing summer internships for M&T students, establishing an M&T Leadership Lecture Series, or supporting the M&T Intern Fellowship Awards (all of which count for the programs above), please contact Katie McCarthy in Penn’s Office of Development (215-898-9422). Please see for more information.

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