M&T 35th Fundraising – The Results Are In!

The following email was sent to the entire M&T alumni community on January 13, 2015 from the M&T 35th Anniversary Planning Committee. If you have any comments or questions feel free to email Jaime Davis at djaime@wharton.upenn.edu.

YOU DID IT! We set very high goals designed to ensure the M&T Program remains strong for the future and we are delighted to THANK YOU for your support (and if you haven’t yet participated, you still can – see below). Your rising to the challenge led to great results with just one remaining goal:

$13,531,752.20 raised – exceeding our goal!
215 First-Time M&T Donors – 65 more than our stretch goal unlocking the $300K challenge gift!
415 Total M&T Donors – also 65 more than our stretch goal!
157 donors of $5000 or more to be recognized on the Wall of Support in the new M&T building!
• A remodeled M&T building thanks to Larry Robbins, M&T ’92
• An endowed M&T chair thanks to a generous gift from an M&T alumnus
• Remaining Goal: Raise $67K left toward the $2M Dr. H Fund

It’s not too late to give to help us reach the final goal with a gift to the William F. Hamilton Director’s Fund. Ask if your company has a matching gift program to double or triple the size of your gift.

Some Background
The M&T Program gets NO FUNDING from either Wharton or SEAS to run its operations and support its students. That means virtually 100% of the M&T budget is from DONORS LIKE US who make direct donations to the M&T Program.

If you are interested in specific named giving opportunities, such as endowing summer internships for M&T students, naming a room in the new building, or supporting the new M&T Innovation Fund, contact Katie McCarthy at Penn’s Office of Development (215-898-9422). Please see www.mt35th.com for more information.

THANK YOU again for your tremendous support! M&T Alumni Are The BEST!!!!!!!!!!

Ken Glass, M&T 35th Chair
Allie Rogers, M&T 35th Fundraising Chair

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