M&T and Dr. Hamilton’s Legacy

The following email was sent to the entire M&T alumni community on December 16, 2014 from the M&T 35th Anniversary Planning Committee. If you have any comments or questions feel free to email Jaime Davis at djaime@wharton.upenn.edu.

Honor the legacy of Dr. Hamilton as he is retiring in June of 2015. To honor him, we’ve established the Hamilton Fund. The fund has a goal of $2MM to qualify as a fully funded endowment per Penn standards. We are very close to full funding but we need your help to cross the finish line and reward Dr. Hamilton for his years of service with this enduring legacy in his name. Please donate now, at any level.

Remember, any donation of $5,000 or more (as little as $1,000/year over five years) will receive individual recognition on the Wall of Support in the new M&T building.

Click here to fulfill your pledge:

Select “Make a Pledge” and fill in the appropriate information (e.g. “$5,000, bill me annually for five years, etc.).

M&T 35th Anniversary Planning Committee

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