M&T Alumnus Interview: Noah Ready-Campbell (’10)

Noah and Calvin
Noah Ready-Campbell (left) and Twice co-founder Calvin Young (right)

Noah Ready-Campbell (M&T ’10) is up to some exciting stuff with his company Twice. We chatted with him about his experience starting a company as an M&T alum!

Tell us a bit about what you’re currently up to.
I’m the co-founder and CEO of Twice (liketwice.com), a “hybrid marketplace” focused on secondhand fashion. We’re a hybrid between online retailers like Amazon and peer-to-peer marketplaces like eBay. Sellers send the inventory to our warehouse, and we buy it upfront. We then merchandise and sell the inventory directly to buyers. Our goal is to create a radically simpler process for sellers, and an “almost-new” shopping experience for buyers.

How has the M&T program helped you start and raise funding for Twice?
Two of our first angel investors were Ken Glass (M&T ’82) and Peter Kuperman (M&T ’96). In addition, IA Ventures led our Series A. Jesse Beyroutey (M&T ’11) is an associate there, and he provided the initial introduction to the firm. Overall, almost half of our investors have some Penn, Wharton or M&T connection.

Did you get any inspiration / advice from other M&T alumni?
Jeff Fluhr (M&T ’96) who founded StubHub and Spreecast, has been a big source of inspiration for me. I first met him at an M&T Brown Bag lunch when I was in college, and his story of StubHub helped convince me that I needed to start a company eventually. Unfortunately we haven’t gotten him to invest in Twice (yet!).

What advice do you have for those M&Ts interested in launching their own startup?
Find an incredible co-founder. I met my co-founder, Calvin Young, when we both worked at Google, and he’s our CTO. His expertise is what has let us build our website and our entire warehouse management system, and his hustle and determination have become a core part of our culture at Twice. I think both of us have found that we do better work together than we ever could alone.

Why are you excited for the M&T 35th Anniversary celebration this November?
To catch up with everyone. I always find that M&Ts are doing some incredible things, and it’s fascinating to learn more about them.

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